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Various Artists (2007) -The Answer to Everything: Girl Answer Songs of the 60's

Artist: various
Album: The Answer to Everything: Girl Answer Songs of the 60's
Released: 2007
Quality: mp3 CBR 192
Size: 103 MB

Подборка так называемых "answer songs", то есть песен-ответов на известные хиты. Самый простой пример - ответ на знаменитую "Are you lonesome tonight?" звучит как "Yes, I'm lonesome tonight". Все треки - ордом из конца 50-х- середины 60-х, и все, за исключением одного, исполнены женскими коллективами. Стилистически - соул, поп, кантри-поп. В общем, даже если отбросить "ответную концепцию" сборника, слушается он весьма приятно. Под катом - пара примеров.

1. Just Tell Him Jane Said Hello - Gerri Granger
2. I'm No Run Around - Ginger Davis & The Snaps
3. Jerry (I'm Your Sherry) - Tracey Dey
4. Queen of the House -
5. Sugar Shack Queen - Georgia Lynn
6. Gary, Please Don't Sell My Diamond Ring - Wendy Hill
7. You Should Know I'm Still Your Baby - Sammi Lynn
8. I'll Believe It When I See It - Sierras
9. Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight - Dodie Stevens
10. Not Just Tomorrow, But Always - Bertell Dache
11. I'll Be There - Damita Jo
12. Don't Let Him Shop Around - Debbie Dean
13. Son-In-Law - Blossoms
14. He'll Have to Stay - Jeanne Black
15. Duchess of Earl - Pearlettes
16. Well, I Told You - Chantels
17. When a Woman Loves a Man - Esther Phillips
18. Long as the Rose Is Red - Florraine Darlin
19. Tell Tommy I Miss Him - Marilyn Michaels
20. (I Can't Help You) I'm Falling, Too - Skeeter Davis
21. You Don't Have to Be a Tower of Strength - Gloria Lynne
22. I'll Bring It on Home to You - Carla Thomas
23. I'll Just Walk on By - Margie Singleton
24. (Chain Gang) The Sound of My Man - Theola Kilgore
25. Sorry, Daddy - Sweethearts
26. I Don't Like It Like That - Bobbettes
27. There Is Nothing on My Mind, Pts. 1 & 2 - Teen Queens
28. They Took You Away - I'm Glad, I'm Glad - Josephine


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Tags: pop, soul

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