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Various Artists (2000) - Wildsville! / Wowsville! / Weirdsville!

Artist: various artists
Album: Wildsville! / Wowsville! / Weirdsville!
Release date: 2000
Quality: mp3 VBR ~200
Size: 71 + 85 +93 MB

Австралийская компания Monsieur Records разродилась 13 лет назад трехтомной подборкой всяких странностей и дикостей из 50-60х, после чего, похоже, запал исчез. Однако уже за эти три альбома стоит сказать им большущее спасибо – твисты-рок-н-роллы-страшилки-из-хоррор-фильмов-неведомая-фигня – вот какая атмосфера царит на этих релизах. Наслаждаемся раритетами и веселимся!

Album: Wildsville!
Release date: 2000
Quality: mp3 VBR ~200
Size: 71 MB

A1 Gamma Goochee Himself, The* – The Gamma Goochee
A2 Travis Wammack – Distortion Part 1
A3 Hollywood Hurricanes* – Beavershot
A4 Big Beats, The (3) – Under Arrest
A5 Ron & Joe And The Crew – Riot In Cell Block No. 9
A6 Knockouts, The (2) – Riot In Room 3C
A7 Opposite Six, The – Church Key (Pt. 68)
A8 Johnny Amelio – Jugue
B1 Creep, The (3) – Betty Lou's Got A New Tattoo
B2 Lifeguards, The – Everybody Out'ta The Pool
B3 Drits & Dravy – Talk That Talk - Pt. 1
B4 Bobby Lee Trammell – New Dance In France
B5 Big John Taylor – Money, Money
B6 Triads, The – Bacon Fat
B7 Toads, The (5) – Backaruda
B8 Kai Ray – Trashman's Blues

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Artist: various artists
Album: Wowsville!
Release date: 2000
Quality: mp3 VBR ~200
Size: 85 MB

A1 Trig Williams* With Jokers, The (10) – Hollywood Cat
A2 Paul Ott (2) – Kitty Kat
A3 Dave S. Trio – Devil's Daughter
A4 Johnny Donn With Jazzrockers, The – Smog
A5 Spinners, The (6) – Boomerang
A6 Duke Mitchell – The Lion
A7 Viscounts, The – Night Flight
A8 Tommy Blake – $F...olding Money$
B1 Visions, The (7) – Cigarette
B2 Jan Davis – Fugitive
B3 Jeff Barry – Hip Couple
B4 Zulus, The (4) – Topless
B5 Bobby Dean – It's A Fad, Ma!
B6 Shades, The (18) – Sun Glasses
B7 Bobby Warren & The Rebelettes* – Motor Cycle Maniac
B8 Bobby Bare – Vampira

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Artist: various artists
Album: Weirdsville!
Release date: 2000
Quality: mp3 VBR ~200
Size: 93 MB

A1 Bob Vidone & The Rhythm Rockers – Weird
A2 Decades, The (2) – On Sunset
A3 Zanies, The – The Mad Scientist
A4 Randy Luck – I Was A Teen-Age Cave Man
A5 Jim Backus – Cave Man
A6 Social Outcasts, The – Mad
A7 Fritz & Jerry – Pad
A8 Rockbusters, The – Tough Chick
B1 Little Eddie Woods – Bug Killer
B2 DDT & The Repellents – Fly Swatter
B3 Johnny Royal – Lover Boy
B4 Jimmie Heap & His Orchestra* – Gismo
B5 Jim Doval & The Gauchos – Scrub
B6 Exports, The (2) – Car Hop
B7 S&H Scamps – Punjab
B8 Rockin' Rebels, The – Burn Baby Burn

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Tags: 60's, garage, rock-n-roll

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