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The Body & Krieg - The Body & Krieg (2015)

Artist: The Body & Krieg
Album: The Body & Krieg
Genre: Industrial, Sludge, Experimental
Released: 2015 / USA
Quality: MP3, 320 kbps
File: 78 Mb / Ifolder

The Body & Krieg - официальный релиз 13 ноября 2015 года. Подробнее под катом.

Collaborations aren't anything new in the incestuous world of heavy metal. Demons & Wizards, Down, Ayreon, and Fantomas are all examples of the magic that can happen when talented metal musicians from established bands come together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Rhode Island's The Body are one of the most prolific collaborators in heavy music today, having worked with Braveyoung, The Haxan Cloak, and, most notably, Thou in the past. Now the band is preparing to release their latest collaborative album, and it's definitely something to look forward to since it's with Neill Jameson, the talented and perpetually surly mastermind behind black metal band Krieg.
The as-yet-unnamed album will be released on November 13th via At A Loss Recordings. While there's no audio samples available at this time, it's not unreasonable to start getting excited for the fruits of these artists' labor now. The Body has spent the last decade releasing some of the best industrial sludge noise you're likely to hear, and Neill Jameson's black metal pedigree is unassailable. There's no reason to think this won't be one of the best extreme metal releases of the year. Below is a complete track listing for the album and a video for a song from The Body's recent collaboration with Thou.

1. Bottom of the Bottle, Bottom of the River (04:38)
2. Carved Out and Caved In (07:14)
3. Fracture (02:59)
4. Celebrate Your Shame (03:37)
5. Never Worth Your Name (05:04)
6. Gallows (04:25)
7. A Failure Worth Killing Yourself For (03:16)
8. The Final Nail (05:58)

Tags: experimental, industrial

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