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Pushking Community (ex-Pushking) - Never Give Up Or Die ... MF ... (2016)

Artist: Pushking Community (ex-Pushking)
Album: Never Give Up Or Die ... MF ...
Genre: Hard Rock, Melodic Rock
Released: 2016 / Russia
Quality: MP3, 320 kbps
File: 150 Mb / Turbo / Deposit / Uploaded

Российская рок-группа Pushking Community выпустила свой новый альбом. Семнадцатая по счету пластинка получила название "Never Give Up Or Die... MF..."

01. Never Give Up
02. Get Away
03. Land Of Never-Ending Pipes
04. My Little Fever
05. Save Your Faith
06. Lifetime
07. Purple Man
08. Ritaya
09. Forgive Me
10. Hunter
11. Headbanger
12. It's Time To Go
13. My Personal Indigo
14. Last Kiss On Your Lips
15. You Know I'm OK

Tags: hard rock

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