July 10th, 2008

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 Давно ищу альбом Burn My Eyes 1994г группы "Machine Head"
А также с удовольствием заимел бы Type'O'Negative, альбом "Bloody Kisses". Может есть у кого?

Once In The Street from film "Инди"

В начале русского фильма "Инди" звучит песня Нино Катамадзе "Once In The Street". Причём казалось, будто звучит она там на английском языке. Очень нужна англоязычная версия этой песни, если таковая существует.
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Alex Moulton - Exodus (2008)

Alex Moulton - Exodus (2008)


Musician and filmmaker Alex Moulton to release his debut artist album “Exodus” this summer on Expansion Team Records
“Exodus” is an epic sci-fi/fantasy concept album that falls between the classic synthesizer palette of Vangelis and the future disco of Daft Punk.
Album artwork painted by legendary fantasy artists Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell

This summer, musician, producer, DJ, music video director and CEO of the Expansion Team media production company and record label, Alex Moulton sets the release of his sprawling solo debut Exodus. This is Moulton’s retro-utopian vision of a happier time, when albums were real albums and music was presented not just as disembodied chunks of digital information, but as a full-on experience.