April 28th, 2015

Massive Attack - Unreleased Tracks (2015)

Artist: Massive Attack
Album: Unreleased Tracks
Genre: Trip Hop, Soundtrack
Released: 2015 / UK
Quality: FLAC, tracks, Lossless
File: 165 Mb / Ifolder

Мини-альбом, никогда ранее не издававшихся треков Massive Attack.
(Here is a mini album of unreleased Massive Attack tracks. These tracks have not been released on any physical media and have never been available for sale either separately or as part of any album.
They are mainly ripped directly from the movie soundtracks which they appeared on (with the exception of "Nature Of Threat").)

[Треклист / Аудио]

01. Superpredators (Original Mix)
02. Wire (Vocal Edit)
03. Nature Of Threat
04. Dissolved Girl (Alternative Mix)
05. Aftersun
06. Calling Mumia