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sanderik (Georgia)

Sound is a vibration. When something makes a noise it is vibrating,
and this causes air molecules around it to vibrate too. These vibrations
are transmitted through the air, to our ears, where we perceive them as
sound...sound travels around us,visits the places where we live...
sounds are everywhere,filling the air we breathe...
associated with moments of our life...
it's like universal language,special kind of contact...
There is no visual difference between “hunter” and other people in the street,
nothing special in the way he walks,talks,eats,has sex or goes to toilet.
maybe he is drinking too much cofee,just because he doesn't like to sleep.
the day is full of voices,sounds, he can't concentrate on one sound for a long
time 'cos another one comes...at nighttime you can fully appreciate it,
enter into the deep,feel it...sometimes he stops breathing,closes his eyes,just listening...
some kid of meditaion maybe...

he is hunting on sounds...
some people call it music...

P A25g-305 (2008)
IDM / Ambient / Experimental

Tags: ambient, experimental, idm

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