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Various Artists - Music Inspired By Oh! Brother, Where Art Thou

Исполнитель: Various Artists
Название альбома: Music Inspired By Oh! Brother, Where Art Thou
Год выпуска: 2007
Стиль: General Traditional U.S. Folk
Битрейт: 320
Ссылка: на яндексе disc 1 disc 2
ифолдер Disc 1 Disc 2

сначала мне показалось, что оригинальный саундтек ничего-себе-так ))
и зацепив пластинку я думал, что это именно он
а оказалось, что это - сборище оригинальных треков чуть ли не вековой давности
и нифига не скушные, а половина таки вообще шедевры

Disc 1
1.01 Rice Brothers Gang, The - You Are My Sunshine
1.02 Burt Ives - Big Rock Candy Mountain
1.03 Carter Family, The - Keep On The Sunny Side
1.04 Emry Arthur - I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow
1.05 Uncle Dave Macon - Sail Away Ladies
1.06 Fiddlin' John Carson And Moonshine Kate - When The Saints Go Marching In
1.07 Riley Puckett - Red Wing
1.08 Vernon Dalhart - The Runaway Train
1.09 Carter Family, The - Wildwood Flower
1.10 Blue Sky Boys, The* With Curly Parker - Ida Red
1.11 Alabama Barnstormers, The - Little Bessie
1.12 Carter Family, The - I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
1.13 Uncle Dave Macon - Backwater Blues
1.14 Leadbelly - Rock Island Line
1.15 Woody Guthrie And Cisco Houston - John Henry
1.16 Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys* - Mule Skinner's Blues
1.17 Delmore Brothers, The - Brown's Ferry Blues
1.18 Blue Sky Boys, The* - Why Should It End This Way?
1.19 Roy Acuff - Wabash Cannonball
1.20 Alley Boys Of Abbeville, The - Abbeville Breakdown
1.21 Jimmie Rodgers - My Little Lady
1.22 Uncle Dave Macon - I'm Goin' Away In The Morn
1.23 Hayes Shepherd - Hard For To Love
1.24 Monroe Gevedon And Family - Two Italians...Red Bird
1.25 Roy Acuff - Great Speckled Bird

Disc 2
2.01 Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys* - Orange Blossom Special
2.02 Leadbelly - Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
2.03 Carter Family, The - Worried Man Blues
2.04 Jimmie Rodgers - Frankie And Johnny
2.05 Woody Guthrie , Sonny Terry & Leadbelly - Bury Me Beneath The Willow
2.06 Roy Acuff - Lonesome Old River Blues
2.07 Delmore Brothers, The - You Can't Do Wrong And Get By
2.08 Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys* - Cotton-Eyed Joe
2.09 Merle Travis - Nine Pound Hammer
2.10 Johnny Lee Wills And His Boys - Milk Cow Blues
2.11 Blue Sky Boys, The* - Row Us Over The Tide
2.12 Gene Autry And Jimmy Long - The Yellow Rose Of Texas
2.13 Carter Family, The - John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man
2.14 Buster Carter And Preston Young - I'll Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
2.15 Jimmie Rodgers - I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now
2.16 Roy Acuff - Freight Train Blues
2.17 Bill Monroe And His Blue Grass Boys* - Rock Road Blues
2.18 Delmore Brothers, The - Rounder's Blues
2.19 Blue Sky Boys, The* - Garden In The Sky
2.20 Marc Williams - The Little Old Shanty On My Claim
2.21 Carson Robinson And His Pioneers - Goin' To The Barn Dance Tonight
2.22 Vernon Dalhart - The Wreck Of The Old '97
2.23 Carter Family, The - Rambling Boy
2.24 Woody Guthrie - House Of The Rising Sun
2.25 Leadbelly - Goodnight Irene

вот эта вспоминается очень хорошо

и вот эта тож

Tags: blues, country, folk

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