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Message to Bears "Departures"(2009)

Исполнитель: Message to Bears
Альбом: Departures
Год выхода: 2009
Страна: UK
Жанр: folk, acoustic, post-rock, ambient
Качество: mp3/vbr v0
Размер: 62 mb

Message To Bears - это потрясающий симбиоз акустической гитары, скрипки, пианино и электроники. Автор этой прекрасной музыки только один человек - Jerome Alexander. Бесспорно талантливый человек, замечательный композитор и музыкант.

This record left our Phil feeling ecstatic. Message To Bears I know sod all about. I remember hearing the last single and thought it was OK but I wasn't particularly taken by it. The new album Departures arrived early this week wrapped up in string and brown paper and I took it upon myself to check it out forthwith as it looked amazing. The 2nd time I heard it I was totally blown away. I had the whole goose pimple bumpy arm thing which I rarely get with new music these days. It's gorgeous acoustic guitar music punctuated by some neo classical beauty. There's some amazing tracks on here.. check out Pretend To Forget though you don't get to hear the strings come in which totally haunt you (the downside with 30 second clips...). It's a beautiful piece of music. Throughout the album there's moments of sheer delight as the guitar and classical instrumentation (albeit produced on a computer) work hand in hand perfectly. Some of the strings and chord progressions veer on the mardy side and remind me a bit of Max Richter at times. It's all very emotive and moving. One or 2 of the tracks sound a wee bit like Tunng with the clicky electronics and acoustic guitar situation. Parts of it remind me of the Harps Old Master album by Phelan Sheppard and I think if you're a fan of that particular thing of lovelyness you'll like this. It's a complete fucking delight if I'm honest and it comes with my complete recommendation. Absolutely fantastic and I implore you to check it out!!" - Norman Records (album of the week)

"Jerome Alexander's (aka Message To Bears) first mini-album got full marks here, and he's done it again on another limited-run, hand-crafted CD. Sparkling acoustic guitars weave around heart-stopping cellos and haunting ambient effects to give the audio equivalent of dew-drops on grass turning into jewels at sunrise. Simply stunning." - Mixmag Magazine

Full length CD album from Jerome aka Message to Bears, Oxfords premiere ambient folker. Here he brings us 10 tracks of his gorgeous acoustic guitar driven melancholy, begining with the the aptly titled “Running Through Woodland”, the track sets a menacing pace with layers of guitars and cellos. “Hidden Beneath” is driven by a stomping pulse and delightful percussion. Plenty of glock action and viola sweeps, uplifting choral vocals and delicate piano lines, this is Jerome at his finest yet, showcasing a brilliant melodic ability, combing classical instrumentation into a folk/pop structure taking cues from bands such as Explosions in the Sky. This is an album that will leave you speechless every time you listen as you uncover new hidden details, textures and melodies. I couldn’t be prouder to release this.

Message To Bears- EP 1
Tags: acoustic, ambient, folk, indie, post-rock

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