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Було так. Традиційні ліричні пісні Полтавщини. Автентичне виконання Було так. Традиційні ліричні пісні Полтавщини. Автентичне виконання

Year: 2005
Country: Ukraine
Label: JRC
Style: folk, Authentic
Quality: mp3, 256kbit/s, Stereo
Size: 120.38Mb, содержит 5% инф. для восстановления

Bulo Tak. Traditional Lyric Songs of Poltava Region. Music Heritage of Ukraine
It is not a secret, especially for our constant visitors, that in Poltava region musical tradition has been preserved a little bit better than in any other region of Ukraine. That’s why it is quite natural that it is exactly from there that the folklore expeditions have always brought a very rich material, the volume of which even now allows to release more and more discs containing authentically performed folk songs, selected in accordance with various topics. The main topic of this particular disc is lyricism. Not only love lyricism, but lyricism as it is – as a means of reflecting inner light and emotional experience of people. Still, people cannot live without love, and the album starts with the song exactly about that. But there exists one more side of the objective reality, that’s why here you can find the songs telling about the life of Cossacks and chumaks, about the Motherland, about an orphan’s fate – and of course, you can find comic songs as well. Now, like in those remote times, people’s life is not so easy, and without joking, as well as without love, they fade away. So, it turns out that the main topic of the album seems to be narrow only at first glance. In reality lyricism is not one thing estranged from everyday life. Lyricism is our whole life, sweet and salty.

01. Ой той край милий / Oj toj kraj mylyj
02. Козак від’їжджає – дівчинонька плаче / Kozak vid’jizhdzhaje – divchynon'ka plache
03. Що у лузі на дубочку / Scho u luzi na dubochku
04. Ой не літай же так, да ти, чорная галка / Oj ne litaj zhe tak, da ty, chornaja halka
05. На городі калинонька / Na horodi kalynon'ka
06. Ой да ти, калінушка / Oj da ty, kalinushka
07. Ой там за морями / Oj tam za morjamy
08. Ой сів пугач на могилі / Oj siv puhach na mohyli
09. Да зайшло да сонце / Da zajshlo da sonce
10. Ой не жалко мені да ї ні на кого / Oj ne zhalko meni da ji ni na koho
11. Ой там за Дунаєм / Oj tam za Dunajem
12. Калина-малина над лугом стояла / Kalyna-malyna nad luhom stojala
13. Да ішли чумаченьки з України / Da ishly chumachen'ky z Ukrajiny
14. Спився козак, спився / Spyvsja kozak, spyvsja
15. Та орав милий восени / Ta orav mylyj voseny
16. Туман по лісочку шумить ще й гуде / Tuman po lisochku shumyt' sche j hude
17. Калина-малина ні сладка, ні горька / Kalyna-malyna ni sladka, ni hor'ka
download/скачать: Bulo Tak. Traditional Lyric Songs of Poltava Region. Authentic Performing
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