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The Rolling Stones

Исполнитель: The Rolling Stones
Название альбома: Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! The Rolling Stones In Concert [40th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set]
Дата релиза: ноябрь 2009
Битрейт: 320

Юбилейное издание одного из классических концертов Катящихся камней в 3х дисковом варианте.


"GET YER YA-YA'S OUT!" - recorded in 1969 over two nights at Madison Square Garden - is the last official live dоcument of the Rolling Stones in their swaggering Sixties prime; it's also one of the greatest live albums of all time. Expectations were high for the band on its 1969 tour, the Stones' first in the U.S. in three years, and their first outing without guitarist Brian Jones, who had died that summer. They delivered in spades. Keith Richards and new guitarist Mick Taylor combined for angry workouts on Ya-Ya's' "Midnight Rambler" - the album's bluesy nine-minute masterpiece - and a stark, rubbery "Sympathy For The Devil." Mick Jagger and Richards pull apart Chuck Berry's "Little Queenie" into a raunchy romp, as if to prove they had fully mastered the rock form. This three-disc remastered Ya-Ya's includes the original in all its gritty glory. Disc Two is a five-song EP from the same shows, with acoustic performances - "Prodigal Son" and "You Gotta Move" - from Richards (playing a resonator guitar) and Jagger. The third disc is an unexpected treat: blistering sets by openers B.B. King plus Ike and Tina Turner (doing an outrageously steamy take on Otis Redding's "I've Been Loving You Too Long"). And serious rock geeks will enjoy the final flourish: the original ROLLING STONE.


DISC 1 - Original Release:
01. Jumpin' Jack Flash 02. Carol 03. Stray Cat Blues 04. Love In Vain 05. Midnight Rambler 06. Sympathy For The Devil 07. Live With Me 08. Little Queenie 09. Honky Tonk Women 10. Street Fighting Man

DISC 2 - Unreleased Tracks:
01. Prodigal Son 02. You Gotta Move 03. Under My Thumb 04. I'm Free 05. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

DISC 3: B.B. King Set:
01. Everyday I Have The Blues 02. How Blue Can You Get 03. That's Wrong Little Mama 04. Why I Sing The Blues 05. Please Accept My Love
Ike & Tina Turner Set:
06. Gimme Some Loving 07. Sweet Soul Music 08. Son Of A Preacher Man 09. Proud Mary 10. I've Been Loving You Too Long 11. Come Together 12. Land Of A Thousand Dances


[part 1]+[part 2]+[part 3]
Tags: rock-n-roll

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