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разыскиваются Anticomp Folkilation; Threnody Ensemble

Уважаемые сообщники!

Нет ли у кого сборника Anticomp Folkilation, а также записей коллектива Threnody Ensemble (на сегодня это один альбом Timbre Hollow)?
Под катом - две обложки, на всякий случай, и треклист (только сборника).


CD 1
Major Matt Mason USA - Tripping Yourself
Brook Pridemore - Sugar Coma (Snakes on My Brain)
Soft Black - The Earth is Black
The Wowz - You're Lovely
Toby Goodshank - Black Eye
A Brief View of the Hudson - She Will Never Speak
Jeffrey Lewis and Diane Cluck - The River
Jason Trachtenburg - Anyone Can Tell (In the Rain)
Kimya Dawson - Will You Be Me
Masheen Gun Kelly - Don't Bug Me I'm On My First Cup
Lowry - Boone's Farm
Elastic No-No Band - Sally's Strut
ThREe DrinKs tO LizZie - splash'o'gin
Beau Johnson - Gypsy
The Real Urban Barnyard - Pooper Scooper
Dan Penta - Joyless Now
Lach - Baby
Dan Costello - M&M's (I Love You More)

CD 2
Eric Wolfson - Sleeping is a Sucker's Game
Griffin and the True Believers - Beautiful Weather
Ivan Sandomire - Drunk Faeries
Matt Singer - VHS
Erin Regan - Your Mom's Car
Paleface - I Don't Think I Like You (As Much As I Used To)
David LK Murphy - Peace of Mind
Dead Blonde Girlfriend - Velvet Coffin
The Festival - The Ink Festival
Ben Godwin - Terminus
The Sewing - Circle-Sewer Gators NYC
Creaky Boards - I'm So Serious This Time
The Bowmans - The Slumber
Dan Fishback - Faggotssaywhat?
Frank Hoier - I Can't Love You Anymore
Debe Dalton - Ed's Song
Urban Barnyard - Johnny's Kitchen

(via Wiki)

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