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Oslo! A Compilation Of Music From The Independent Oslo Pop Scene

Основательная подборка новой норвежской музыки c охватом всех жанровых закоулков такого размытого явления, как инди-поп. От барокко в духе ранних Arcade Fire (Truls and The Trees) к психофолку (Ingeborg Selnes через аккуратный гитарный мейнстрим (Lukestar).

Artist :: V/A
Title :: Oslo! A Compilation Of Music From The Independent Oslo Pop Scene
Label:: Tuba
Style :: Indie Pop
Date Released :: 2008
Quality :: VBR
Size :: 73,5 MB

1. The Little Hands Of Asphalt - Oslo
2. Nomber 5s - You Know
3. Truls and the Trees - Upside Journey
4. Ingeborg Selnes - The Blow
5. Je Suis Animal - Labyrinth Game
6. Campfire Kansas - Everything After    
7. Harmonica - Princess
8. Lukestar - Peregrin
9. Jim Protector - Finally! A Flicker Of Hope!
10. Yoyoyo Acapulco - Kamasutra Tsunami
11. Lofiman - The Music'S There To...
12. My Little Pony - Macgyver Blues
13. Cold Mailman - The Great Escape
14. Monzano - Poster Boy
15. Hiawata! - Dylan Mckay




Tags: indie, pop

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